Board of Directors

Caroline Cooke, Chair – “Seeing dogs from different families become play-time pals at the dog park has been so much fun.”

Bonnie Garretson, Vice-Chair – “A dog is the only thing on Earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”

Arden Seay, Treasurer – “Life is great. Dogs make it better!”

Sherry McCarthy, Secretary – “My dogs leave paw prints on my heart.”

Bill Seay – “Dog parks are wonderful places dogs take their owners so they can socialize and play with their dog buddies.”

Sheila Martin – “Dogs aren’t my whole life but they make my life whole.”

Charter Members
Jerry & Kathleen Bogin
Alice Boller
Sherri & Mike Carneal
Brian Columbo
Caroline Cooke
Lisa Davis-Lee
Nicole Durose
Arnold & Tandy Farber
Tracey Farber
Kathie Fowler
Jennifer Hardwicke
Jenny Harris
Pat Isaacs
Kevin Kilgore
C. Jon Klele
Kay & Bill Lauder
Mike Miller
Jim & Lucia O’Dwyer
Lynda Patterson
Bill & Arden Seay
Mary Strzelecki
Martha Wingfield
Eric Q. Wolk

Past Directors
Arnold Farber
Christy Grant
Bill Lauder

Kate Patterson

Tandy Farber